Graphic & User-Interface Design - Student Work

Graphic Design I, II, and III

Graphic Design I

  • Introduction to drawing in Illustrator

  • Icons, Emoji's

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Design w/type

  • Desktop Wallpaper & Phone Screen

  • Introduction to InDesign

  • Practice Ad or Menu

  • Type-Informational Graphic

Graphic Design II

  • 4-Page Newsletter

  • Storyboarding for mobile/web, AdobeXD

  • Web Graphics

  • Mobile App in Adobe XD

  • Package Design – Box, Bag or Bottle

  • Small Business Website, either in AdobeXD or live

Graphic Design III

  • Personal Logo/Website of Student's work

  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • 4-Page Editorial Layout - Wedding/Cooking/Sports/How-To

  • Game Design & Character Posing

  • Vistaprint

  • Resume, Business Card, Postcard, Brochure

  • Email Marketing

Photography Needs - ? Head shot of student, both professional and business casual

Any type of Wedding/Family/Graduation/Pet/Still Life/

Photos that tell a story

How to save both hi-res files and lo-res files

Drawing/design needs

Strong drawing skills: proportion, perspective, composition, lighting

Design skills: typography, eye movement, balance, repetition, proportion, color/value/tint, color models RGB, CMYK, Lab, Index, grayscale

Web skills, video,

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