Teaching Philosophy

Cindy Fleagle
Teacher, Designer, Artist

Teaching and learning go hand in hand. One can’t happen without the other to be successful. Whenever I teach, I usually have to learn something new to teach it. Whenever I teach, I always learn something from the students. Teaching isn’t the hard part, it’s getting students to trust you, and to communicate with you and the other classmates so the real discussion, and learning occurs.

I’ve taught almost as many years as I’ve spent learning, but don’t feel that teaching and learning ever ceases for someone who values education. I’ve spent my life trying to absorb as much information as I possibly can. Education is power. Power that no one can take away, or diminish. The more intelligent I become, the better life is.

Art, where do I start? My love of art runs as deep as my love of learning. I have been an art junkie since my mom started writing a letter of the alphabet on note paper in church, and told me to make something out of it? That was always my favorite part of church. That, and the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn afterwards. I think I drew objects out of most of the alphabet, every Sunday.

By taking classes to earn a double major, fine art and commercial art, I realized how much drawing, painting, and the foundations of art and design were the backbone of a good designer. The best designers can illustrate, ideate and create in both areas, and they intertwine their skills. The fine artist needs digital skills to put their work on the internet and showcase, communicate, and sell it to the public and/or galleries. The designer needs to have the imagination to visualize the best technique for each digital campaign, and the skills to carry it out. The designer needs to be able to show their work on the internet, gain clients, and communicate and work via the internet with individuals and clients. They both need to know how to use, and increase worldwide exposure to the client through social media.

When I graduated from college we had received the first Apple computers with 8 fonts. I learned commercial art (graphic design) and fine art using my hands and tools to create design and art. After college I decided I wanted to teach k12 art and went on to get my master’s because I loved learning. I subbed for a year after graduation, but got discouraged with no art teacher positions opening up, and landed a job building a monthly, four-color magazine for 5 years. At the end of the 5 years, I applied at Grand View for the position that my past academic advisor had, and was hired.

I believe it was those eleven years teaching and working with students and other faculty that really taught me though. I loved my job, and truly enjoyed teaching graphic design. I’m a people person and enjoy anything art or technology-related. Artists are problem-solvers by nature, and that’s how my brain works. I like to figure everything out, and even enjoy solving technical issues on the computer. I enjoy teaching design and software to others. When a student is proficient-to-expert level in a software program they have more time to devote to their ideas, creativity, and content. They also usually design better than the designer that knows just the basics. It shows in the student’s work, and their confidence level.

I have attended community college, two private colleges, and a land grant institution. I have been in classes with people of all types of personalities and learning styles. Receiving my doctorate completely changed the way I taught. As graduate students we taught each other. We presented, and we presented, and we presented. I spent six years writing, communicating, educating and being educated, with some of the brightest minds and leaders in education at Iowa State. It was hard, it was exciting, it was humbling, it was invaluable.

I thought when I started my own business I was done teaching? Not so. I use my teaching experience to educate clients about the process, the aftercare, and the risks and benefits of permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions. I thought I knew everything about color because I learned color on paper, color in different mediums, color on screen (RGB), and color in printing (CMYK). I didn’t even think about color or ink mixing in a person’s skin tone. Just when you think you may know it all about something. You learn you don’t.

Diversity Statement

All students should be treated fairly, equally, and with care, and compassion. Regardless their ethnicity, sex, sexual identity, or physical or mental disability. Each student is unique, and brings a different life experience, perspective, knowledge, and skills to the classroom. It is up to the educator to try to bring out the best in their students and to create a positive, welcoming classroom environment where students learn easily and freely, and enjoy doing so. Respect and communication among both students and professor is essential for a successful teaching and learning environment.

Work Experience

Oct 2015 - Present · 7 yrs 2 mos

Permanent Makeup Artist, Lash Stylist

Permanent Cosmetic Solutions - Permanent makeup artist who designs and tattoos eyeliner, eyebrows, lip blushing, areola re-pigmentation, Fibroblasting/Plasma Pen, and tiny tattoos. Permanent Makeup and Microblading Certification from the Skin & Permanent Makeup Institute in San Antonio, TX. State licensing in Iowa on 10/21/15. K85 Beierplasm Plasma Pen training and certification in Orlando, Fl. 2/25/19.

Aug 2016 - Apr 2019 · 2 yrs 9 mos

Adjunct Art Faculty

Simpson College - Taught graphic design and user-interface design, in addition to the Adobe Creative Suite software part-time for the art department. I was the sole instructor teaching graphic design for the department until the art department closed in 2020. One full-time art instructor still teaches a few art classes at Simpson.

Aug 2013 - Jul 2015 · 2 yrs

Communications Specialist

Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) - Prepared educational and informative marketing materials for Iowa school board members. Helped shoot and edit videos, publish, and upload them to YouTube. Helped the association re-design the entire website with text, graphics, photos, and video links, before and after re-branding. Designed signage, ads, and logo for annual convention. Used social media to inform and socialize with the members of the association year-round and during conferences.

Jul 2000 - Apr 2012 · 11 yrs 10 mos

Assistant Professor of Art

Grand View University - Taught Web design and animation for the Web. Supervised work study students and the art computer labs. Served on four faculty/administrative committees as secretary for two-year terms each. Art club faculty advisor for six years. Intermediary for IT and Art/Communication Departments regarding computer hardware/software decisions, support and installation. Faculty member responsible for the creation and inclusion of a new interactive media minor to the 2010-12 Grand View catalog.



Ph.D. — Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Identifying faculty motivations to increase technology use in
pedagogy at a midwestern university

Iowa State University, 3.9 GPA


M.A.T. — Master of Arts in Teaching, Art k12

Drake University


B.A. Bachelor of Arts, Commercial Art & Fine Art

Grand View University



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Solvang Alisal Vacation Cottages - Logo and site I designed, and I update calendar for online booking


Tracy Bainter, Grant Writer, Drake, (boss at IASB)

tracybainter@yahoo.com | (515) 710-6839 (c)

Bob Kling, Artist, Adjunct Simpson College, Art Teacher for Indianola Schools

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Dr. Hok Kim, Math Faculty, South Central College

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